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Your heart breaks when you hear stories about children from our community who have been abused and neglected. You shudder to think about a little girl who has been removed from the only family she’s known and placed in a faceless, bewildering foster care system.

But, what can YOU do about it?

A lot! Think about becoming a volunteer Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA). A CASA is not a foster parent or an attorney. A CASA is a community volunteer, just like YOU, who is specially trained and supported to speak up for the needs of a child in the foster care system.

The Role of the CASA is to serve as:

  • An impartial observer, conducting an independent investigation
  • An information gatherer, obtaining all relevant facts about the child
  • A monitor, ensuring that the court’s orders are carried out
  • A reporter, submitting written reports to the court
  • A consistent and caring adult, bringing calm and hope to a child during an incredibly turbulent time